Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"More From VTC and West Bay......"

One last photo of a yet to be renovated building at The Village of Traverse Commons. Several of the "out buildings" have been renovated and now house a cheesecake factory, a wood fired bakery, Left Foot Charley Wines, and a coffee roaster/shop.

This is the front building of the cheesecake shop. Another renovated building behind it is the main production facility. Julie's comment about the cheesecake was (I hope that I have this correct), it is "slap your Momma good!" This is an expression I had not heard before, but at the time it was said, it fit and made sense. :)

Each Friday afternoon, a farmers market is held on the grounds, too. It was small, but held a good number of vendors. We bought Becky a bottle of "Cherry Vinegar", from a vendor who had many flavored vinegars. For those of you not familiar with Traverse City, the area is known for their tart cherries.

Another vendor who had a small, but colorful display.

Don and I also drove up into the hills that climbed west of the downtown area. These next 2 photos show West Bay and a little of downtown Traverse City. As "Molly Bee" would say...."biggify" the photos to get a better concept of what we saw. :)

Tomorrow......our last night of vacation, with dinner at Sean and Becky's.


Barb said...

about the village, do the residents have access to gardening space? Cold you do a cooperative veggie garden? chickens? maybe some little milk goats? The people who live there, where do they work? Inquiring minds want to know... :)

MollyBeees said...

More gorgeous pics! You're right! Biggifying them makes them even more spectacular! :-)I can't remember where I saw it but someone out there uses 'enbiggen' which I like too!