Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Sean, Becky, and Beer....."

After changing from his "chef's attire", Sean met us out front of the culinary school.

He immediately placed a call to Becky and asked her to meet us at Right Brain Brewery, which was just a few blocks from the house we were renting. We had no idea that there was such a place, although just a block south, was the North Peak Brewery, where we'd had dinner with the kids and Becky's parents. And...downtown, just a few blocks away, is the Mackinaw Brewing Company, too. We've found that a lot of brewing/distilling goes on "up in them thar woods"..... :)

Don trying out one of the beers from the 2 "flights" we ordered. Each flight consisted of 6 beers, so we had 12 different ones to taste.

Me, with Sean and Becky. Becky had brought us a baguette from Stone House Bread Bakery & Cafe, where she began working the week we were visiting.

The owner, who was working behind the bar that afternoon, asked if we'd like a group photo taken of us. Worked for me! :)

Traverse City visit to be continued.....

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