Monday, September 8, 2008

"Our Week Away....."

Don and I spent last week in Traverse City, MI. As many of you may know, I have a son, Sean, who is in his last semester at The Great Lakes Culinary Institute of Northwestern Michigan College. His girlfriend, Becky, is also in her last semester there as well. Becky's parents, Steve and Diane, were also up in Traverse City for the Labor day weekend. We met all of them, along with Patrick, my oldest son, for dinner on Saturday, soon after we'd arrived in TC. The following morning we met Steve, Diane, Becky, and Sean for breakfast. It seems we, too, were eating our way through Traverse City. (This expression.... compliments of my cousin to follow later.) ;)

We were extremely fortunate with the weather. It was hot, sunny, with low humidity the entire holiday weekend and most of the following days of our visit. We had only 1 day of rain, Thursday, and we'd had plans for that day which didn't allow us biking time anyway, so it worked out perfect.

Below is a photo with Don in front of West Bay. Sean and Becky actually live along the shore behind him, approximately mid photo. Photos at their house to follow later. :)

West bay near the marina......

I believe this is area of the park is still considered Clinch Park. The park runs along the bay for quite a distance. This is near the former zoo area, where a small locomotive still gives rides through the old zoo and near the marina.

Don couldn't resist this shot. The dog dove time and time again, fetching a tennis ball, swimming back, climbing up the rocks, only to beg for the ball to be thrown again. It was quite a sight.

Our Traverse City vacation to be continued..... :)

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MollyBeees said...

I'm so jealous. There is nothing like a trip to the shore, be it the ocean of an inland sea! Makes me homesick! Great dog picture!