Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Our First Day's Ride Continued......"

Continuing along the TART Trail, we took one branch which led down to where the Boardman River enters West Bay. I included another photo just because it shows more of the bay. :) As you can see from both photos, it is a water sport wonderland..........

We also rode around the west end of town, through neighborhoods, around the hospital area, and stopped at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons (http://www.thevillagetc.com/), the old state mental institution that is now being renovated into a multi-use community. The entire project covers 54 acres (I think), and includes dozens of buildings, some of which are already completed, and others that are slated to have work begin. Don and I had an appointment with the realtor who is involved in its renovation, to tour the condos. We've been interested in the project since we had learned about it a few years ago, and Don has been following it's progress since.

The following photos are of Building 50, which has been partially restored/renovated at one end. The building is HUGE! (Wing after wing, after wing.....) These photos show the areas soon to be started.

One thing that we'd learned about Building 50 was that the entire building had been re-roofed initially, in order to stop any more deterioration from weather. The renovation then began on the south end of the building, where it was in the worst condition, and which is now completed and filled with retail shops, offices, and condos.

More photos of The Village in a later post. These photos were taken on our 2nd day in Traverse City, with more taken later in the week, showing areas that are completed and in full use. So much has changed since we had last been there 2 years ago, with work to continue for a few years more........

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MollyBeees said...

Isn't it funny that no matter where you go the old state mental institutions all look kind of alike? The one in Verona reminds me of the one in Bangor, Maine which looks a lot like the one in Dover NH. Beuatiful brickwork but depressing and creepy when they start to go to pot. I'm glad this one is being revitalized. Traverse City looks like a nice place to visit.