Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks to "Karen In The Woods".......

I hadn't planned on adding more about the weaving workshop, but received an email today from "Karen in the Woods", one of the students from the class. She is a production weaver, and from the sounds of it, has a very nice studio herself. Thank you to Karen for sending the link to her Picasa album site...... [Karen demonstrated knitting socks on her 1915 (?) sock machine....she does beautiful socks! She can have a pair done in about an hour!]

and I've added her home web site, too.

This is Vavning Studio [] where the workshop was held. The door in front, leads to the weaving studio. A very nice feature when you're carrying looms, benches, and weaving materials in and out. :)

Here is "The Group". :)

It's nice to have documentation that I was REALLY there. :) Here I am talking with Juanita, our hostess.

Jason demonstrating the "finishing" on a twining technique. He was showing us how to do it on my loom. I did a piece of twining between each pattern that I tried.

I'm pretty sure that this the last posting about the weaving workshop........but you "never" know...... :)

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