Monday, May 12, 2008

"Birthday, Storage, and Rovings......"

Don and I had been invited to a surprise birthday party for our next door neighbor Bridgett. Her partner Tracy, was a sly one, pulling it off so Bridgett hadn't a clue that it was about to happen. :)

I think I had mentioned buying more storage for yarn a bit ago. These are my latest purchases for storage. I know I will not get an "Interior Designer of the Year" award, but they are very functional and allow me to see what I have easily, plus they take my yarn storage to a new and "higher" level. Poor pun, but intended... :) The old picnic basket holds the "loopers" that I bought while in Michigan. I've gotten those all "chained up" and ready for my upcoming weaving project. More on those later.......

Another storage unit in the same room, is this corner cabinet that is completely stocked with yarns.

And yet more areas of the bedroom which hold yarn....... 2 of the 5 drawers in my dresser, and an "under the bed plastic container". I have 2 of those. :) This doesn't take into account the yarns in shelving units sitting next to the loom itself, or the 2, 4-drawer units under Zack's play stand in the sun room, but I think you now understand that I have yarn EVERYWHERE! :)

I was the recipient of some beautiful Icelandic Sheep Roving. As some of you know, I am very interested in learning to spin my own yarn. I have joined some spinning groups on Yahoo, where I happened to see someone offer some samples of roving. I wrote and asked to be included, if any were left, and received this box of gorgeous wool last week. There is over 1/2 pound of roving, in 2 natural colors. It is extremely soft and "supposedly" easier to spin due to the length of the individual fibers. I'm counting on it. :)


Barb said...

On the one hand, I am SO happy that familiar yarn now lives at your house! On the other hand, yikes! You need a studio! Time for a new addition me thinks! :)

Maniphone said...

I totally agree with Barb! There's plenty of space in your backyard, correct? Next to the chicken coop?!