Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Erica's Birthday Happy Hour...."

Erica, in the pink, had her 30th birthday last week. We helped her celebrate it at last Friday's happy hour.

From left to right are: Charlie, in the background, Dan, Erica's boyfriend, Erica, and neighbor Rob.

We also surprised her with a "Birthday Brownie", with lit candles in the form of a large 30.

Surprise is definitely the word. I thought the candles would burn themselves out before she made a wish and blew them out......

See what I mean? Still not making her wish.....

I can truthfully say, that I have never seen so much smoke from birthday candles. I wonder if it is because they were "allowed" to burn for so long? :)

We all enjoyed being able to spend time with Erica and Dan, and hope they come join us more often for happy hours....

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