Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Chicken Run Extended....."

This is the "Before" photo of the backyard. The chicken run starts at the back corner of the coop where it then angles back and stops at the gate.

This is the "After" photo. The run now starts at the same back corner of the coop, but extends sideways across the yard to the wood fence, giving the "girls" 3 times as much space as they originally had. They are VERY happy and let us know by clucking happily each morning as they make a beeline over to the new area. Extending the run really didn't make much of a change in the looks of the backyard, since the new fence is chain link like the back fence, so visually, it looks the same as before.

Tracie, our next door neighbor, graduated from Veterinary School last Saturday. Some of her family came in late Thursday night, staying at Bridgett's and Tracie's, then moved into a hotel on Friday. Friday morning, she asked if her niece and nephews could come see the chickens. Below are Tracie, me, her Dad, and her mother in the background, who is swinging her grandkids in the hammock. The kids looked at the chickens, then promptly headed for the hammock. :)

Nana (Becky), Joe, in back, Peyton, and Marcus. Tracie's sister, Addie, is their mother.

It was time to begin a new "planting" in the Aero Garden, but the tomato plants still looked pretty good. I figured that I had nothing to lose but trying to plant them in regular pots for the summer. Each plant came out of the Aero Garden with a full set of roots, so I planted and set them in the greenhouse to live. They do not look their best right now, but I hope they will begin to perk up after growing (hopefully) some new roots.


MollyBeees said...

Omygosh! I just looked up your new 'baby' and she's gorgeous! I can't wait to see your yarn! What is her name! Mine is Mabel Bret Jemaine Conchord in honor of my favorite New Zealand folk band. Mabel hails from New Zealand donchaknow!

Maniphone said...

Am I crazy or what but I don't see the difference between the two "chicken runs." I know. I'm crazy.