Monday, May 19, 2008

"More Kid Pics...."

You'll have to forgive this father....I am so behind with blogging, but want to keep things chronological. I still have photos of when the kids visited and that was a week ago! Today's photos will be the last ones. I talked with Sean when they were about 100 miles from San Fransisco, and luckily, we are able to read their blog to know they made it safe and sound. He isn't always the best with communication......

This photo reminds me of when Sean was little after we'd gone somewhere........ he'd sleep because he was so worn out from playing. Some things never change it seems, eh? :)

Sunday afternoon we had coffee out on the deck, while Sean and Becky rode their bikes down to Trader Joe's to pick up some "snackable sustainance" (not sure that either are real words) for the next leg of their trip. While we out there, Charlie, Lonny, Jillian, Tracie, and her daughter Evie, stopped by to say hi.

Evie doing a little "Show and Tell". :)

Just another pic......

Monday morning's photo before the next leg of their trip. The plan that day was to drive 1/2 way to Boulder, and then camp for the night. The concern was that rain was expected in the area where they'd planned on stopping.....they lucked out and had dry weather, arriving in Boulder to visit cousin Kim on Wednesday.

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Sean and Becky said...

Thanks again so much for the wonderful stay and supplying us with goodies for the drive. The pictures are great...and yes, Sean still has the little kid in him:)