Friday, May 16, 2008

"Our Vist to Vom Fass and Borders..."

We took our 2 culinary students to Vom Fass. It is a "fairly" new shop, which sells oils, vinegars, wines, and "spirits", from casks/barrels. They have a variety of styles and sizes of bottles that they sell and fill with your choice of liquid.

One has the choice of singular taste sensations or a multitude of possible combinations with the oils and vinegars. Of course, when it comes to the "spirits", you'll taste those individually. :) In the photo, "spirits" are in the barrels behind us, vinegars in the jars in front of us, and oils were hung on the wall behind Sean.

Who taught this boy to smile?????

Again?? I ask you....who taught him to smile??? We went to Borders so Becky could buy a journal to record her thoughts of the trip/internship. They left with some new music, too.

I found 2 fiber magazines....Spin-Off and Handwoven. I'm holding the copy of Spin-Off up so Don could take a photo of the back cover. The back cover is an entire page advertisement for Susan's Fiber Shop, which is located in Columbus, WI. I have shopped there a number of times and will most assuredly return to shop more. :)


Barb said...

Michael, I have a foot tall stack of back issues of The Weaver's Journal and also Piecework. Both are great reading. Let me know if you ever want to borrow some...

MollyBeees said...

That is the first issue of Spin I ever purchased and now I'm hooked on it. I wish it came out more than 4 x per year. Lots of eye candy as well as good practical information.

Let's see your spindle weaving. Come on now. Don't be shy.

Can a son possibly look more like his dad!?

Sean and Becky said...

I have been talking about that place ever since. Sean and I used our vinegar on a salad the other day...sooo delicious!