Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"More of that Sunday......"

The day began with my leaving for the weaving workshop. Our normal routine of coffee on the deck was enjoyed by Don only that day....with Copper for company, of course.

Later that day, Jim stopped by with his new little addition to his family. The new baby was a surprise to everyone. Maybe most of all, to them! :)

Jeanan had also come by and when asked about her new kitchen, offered to take us on a tour. What a difference compared to what it was before! We were even given a demonstration of the "disappearing" splash guard.

A rare photo of the 2 of us together. :)

Jeanan's backyard view from her window. The tree was just beginning it's spectacular display of blossoms.


Barb said...

If Don was all by himself, then who took the picture?? Did he use a timer or something? I'm perplexed!

MollyBeees said...

I'd kill for a kitchen like that!