Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Photos from the Weaving Workshop...."

This was the suggested set up for our loom. We'd been sent the threading sequence earlier, so had our looms ready to "finish" when we got back downstairs after the beginning lecture. In our threading, we'd left the 3 and 4 heddles empty, but next to "floating" threads, so either could be tied to the thread, for when we got to the "shaft switching" part of the workshop. We got there, but I didn't work on shaft switching.......I continued on where I had left off the day before. :) I felt I would be better off working in the sequence shown in the syllabus, and hopefully get those things done and understood.

One thing I should mention about weaving a requires a heavy and sturdy loom. My Harrisville Loom is not a rug loom. Yes, I have woven rugs on it, but I have not been able to "beat" them hard so they are not as firm as a well woven rug should be. My loom would have been shaken apart if I'd beaten the weft as hard as necessary for a good rug. That said, I still will be able to use some of these techniques learned from the workshop, especially the technique called "clasping", which I will hopefully be able to try out at some point for a present I have had in mind for Patrick and Julie. I can write this in here, because right now, neither of them have internet access at home. Patrick has email at work, but no internet access....... Julie has both at work, but as far as I know, never checks my blog (some silly rule about not surfing the net while at work). :)

Constant color (or colour in the UK), is one of the techniques from the workshop. I did not get to it. If I remember correctly, it allows the selvedge's to be picked up each time without a problem. I plan on working through my syllabus here at home, so I will hopefully, find out. :) This is Jason Collingwood, by the way.

Jason demonstrating something on Elin's loom with Michelle looking on. Elin is from McFarland and Michelle traveled from Iowa.

Jason demonstrating how to do a special braid at the end of "twining" on my loom.....

Jason demonstrating something on Michelle's loom. Michelle was a "speed weaver" and was able to try out everything(!) on the workshops syllabus.

This is all of the photos that I have from the workshop, although I plan on continuing weaving on my sampler at home, so hopefully, I will get some photos of that loom as I weave.....


Barb said...

Just seeing the diagrams and reading about techniques of which I am completely ignorant makes me want to learn! I can see where this is going... Spring and summer may be for gardening, but winter may be for weaving!

MollyBeees said...

Uh Oh! I was really enthused about this weaving thing when I saw all the pretty pictures in your last post. Now you're throwing around words like clasping and heebleing (?) and showing pictures of eraser boards filled with what looks to me to be the 'wicked maths'. Maybe I'm not cut out for a hobby that's not mindless spinning round and round! :-)