Monday, May 5, 2008

"Finally....Don's Birthday Cake....."

I'm a "wee bit" behind in days.....I've had so many photos to go through and talk about, that I still am on "last" weekend!

This is what the patio heater looks like out on the deck, although this photo shows where it will be when we will not be using it. Certainly looks smaller than it did when it was in our sun room, eh? :) During its use, we have it stand in front of our chairs, but on this same level, as you will see in one of the lower photos.

Since I baked Don's cake on Thursday, and we didn't have the time to cut it on Friday, his birthday, then Saturday we didn't get to cutting it either, we figured we'd better cut it on Sunday, and luckily, Rob and Anna happened to be there to share the moment. Although, it "seems" SOMEONE wasn't paying any attention to the "event" at the time. Unfortunately, I think the cake was too dry after sitting so long, but it was eaten and enjoyed. I guess at these moments, it is the thought that counts.

The patio heater in its heating position. Notice the slight red glow emanating from the grill surround? We are very happy with how it works (AND feels!!!).

Our neighbors, Lonnie and Charlie, arrived home from a short family visit down in Iowa, and came over to say hi and have a piece of cake. Not sure what Charlie's little frown was about. Lonnie's smile might mean"I SEE CAKE!!!". :)

Lonnie is a "cake man". We even managed to get him to take a piece home with him. Charlie declined a piece, as a good "runner in training" should, since she left soon after this photo was taken to go for a run.

Another day in the neighborhood.......

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