Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Zack's New RV Cage......"

Zack has been somewhat "LOUD" at times when we've had friends come in the front door, and at other times when we're all in the sun room and he is on his play stand. Don suggested we get a portable cage so that when we have people over, we could have him play in his new cage in the front bedroom. (Naturally, since we ordered the new cage, he has been MUCH quieter....) :) We call his new cage the "RV"....his recreational vehicle since it is on wheels. :)

Here he is on top of his "home base".......

Home base with the top open.....he does love to climb around on it.

His new cage was shipped flat, so I had to assemble it. Thank goodness it was easy....although, not one word was written for was all visual drawings.

Step by step......

Here it is in its final glory. :)

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