Friday, February 1, 2008

"A Mixture of Topics...."

First of the photos on today's blog entry, is the runner that I wove on the small travel loom that I borrowed from Barb. I really like the colors/yarn, and have decided to weave a wider piece on my Harrisville Loom to use as a bench seat cover. Right now I am using a towel to help "cushion", but a woven piece will look much better.

This is the Amaryllis, from Don's sister and brother-in-law, that I had a photo of earlier, but wanted to post another because it now has 6 blossoms! Truly a beautiful plant.

And an update on the Aero Garden Tomatoes. This was taken about a week ago, so the 2 outside plants (red cherry tomatoes) are even larger than what they show here. The poor plant in the center (yellow cherry tomato), hasn't grown at all. I think it is doomed.........but will leave it as long as it continues to live. There will be a point when the 2 outside plants get too large and end up shading the little plant, so I'm sure its days are numbered.

A close up of one of the red cherry tomatoes......

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