Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"And Today, Photos from the "Other" Direction......"

Jonathan, as you may remember, is, in my opinion, a "Master Woodworker". He sent me this photo of the cabinet he is crafting for their dining room. It will soon be finished and I will post a photo of it in it's completed form.......when I receive it, that is. :)

As those of you who also had or currently have small children, you remember/know that when there is "free time", you're busy much of that time, with the kids. Luckily, Simon and Henry, are both outdoor kids, as are their parents....... :) (Cold weather doesn't seem to be a just dress for the climate) :)

And no problem with Henry being mobile either.....glad to see the sled is still getting some use. :)

This isn't the best photo of Simon, but it was the best one that showed the size of his guitar.....his looks seems to say, "What have I gotten myself into......?"

There doesn't seem to be any problem with the guitar now though.......

Thank you to Maniphone and Jonathan for the photos!

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