Monday, February 11, 2008

"A Variety ....."

Don took this photo of our lamp post out front. The gently falling snow had created this dome shape. When the light turned on and threw off some heat (it automatically comes on and stays on all night), it created this delicate "shell".

The faux headboard did not work. When on the loom, I had somehow measured wrong and I wove it for another 4", so it was too long to be a headboard. We would have had to move the bed, and there isn't room to do that (as you will see in the next photo). We called Rob and asked him to come over to help (we needed another set of hands in order to be able to get back and look before decisions of how high, etc, were made). My, but I am "thinning" on top...... too bad I'm not thinning as fast "sideways"....... :(

Here is the "wall hanging" in it's final spot......

I knitted this little cap and mitten set for Brian and Kim's "soon-to-be-born baby". They live in the next block next to Michael and Anna, and their baby is due on the 16th.

Don's IT department sent him these flowers after his eye surgery. It is a beautiful bouquet, but when the sunlight hits it, it is even more spectacular.

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