Thursday, February 21, 2008

"An Impromptu Gathering....."

Last Sunday was a memorable day for the neighborhood. Not only did we have rain, ice, and snow all day long, but we had a SPECTACULAR ELECTRICAL BLAST behind our house.....actually, it was behind Bridgett's house, but we were able to see it clearly from our sun room. We missed the visual of the first one, but the noise of that one got us to the windows in time to see the other 2.......THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!!! Brilliant white blue light, combined with a very loud ZAP!
Don called MG&E (along with others, we later found out), who quickly came and fixed the problem.

Don (fondly called "The Mayor" of our block of Gregory St.), naturally had to go out with his camera to document this "event". :) He was not the only one as you can see from these photos.......

Michael and Anna, Julie and Eric (from Michael and Anna's block), also were out to see "the sights"...... That is Michael and Anna's house in the background.

Eric, Julie, Anna (I think Michael was smart enough to go inside by this time), Bridgett, our neighbor, and Perry, another neighbor from our block.

Keyena, another chicken owner, also from Michael and Anna's block.

I stayed inside knitting, not realizing that neighbors were gathering and missed the whole social event. :( More photos of the snowy day in tomorrows blog entry.

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