Monday, February 25, 2008

"A Mixture ........."

I finished a couple of knitting projects.....both for myself, too! :) Below is the sweater I knitted for myself, using Cascade 220, Black and Northern. I am very happy with it.

AND.....for those days when I use the snowblower.....a hat helmet (Tree Frog Alpaca), to wear under the wide brimmed winter "Tilley", that I have conveniently taken from Don. The look of it, reminds me of "chain mail" from medieval times......

This a a close up of one of our first cherry tomatoes.......many more have been seen since this was taken. You can see more blossoms in the background...... According to what the instructions say, we can expect to have ripe tomatoes around the 10th of March. Things are looking good to meet that deadline. :)

A couple of photos of Zack. He has been very content, as of late....partially, I think because of my having been in the front room weaving quite a bit, so he has been able to get "out and about" on his big cage and play stand.

"Shower Time!" Zack has a large bowl in his cage and when he decides to take a bath, we try to bring in the bottle sprayer so that he can have a shower as well. We'll open his door to his play area and he will climb quickly out to spread his wings in order to wet every little bit of his body. :) Many of you have never seen all of the colors he has on the under sides of his wings.......He is not at his most attractive when he is all wet.....but then, are any of us? :)

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Maniphone said...

I absolutely love the sweater! It looks really great on you. The helmet hat is pretty cool too.