Thursday, February 7, 2008

"4 Topics....."

Don had cataract surgery on Tuesday. It went well and we were very surprised at how quickly! He had to be at the surgery center at noon and we were driving home at 2:30PM....only 2 1/2 hours from start to finish! His check up yesterday showed excellent results, too. Luckily, he only has to wear his eye patch when sleeping and only for a total of 4 nights. An amazing surgery........

My second topic is the bench cover that I wove on my larger Harrisville Loom. I again, used acrylic yarn (because I have it) and it will not have hard use. I am thinking I may weave another one, only longer, and drape it on the back of my leather chair. It is very soft and would be comfortable to lean against.

The red cherry tomatoes are growing rapidly (enough so, that I had to raise the lights 1 notch), and........, the little yellow tomato is starting to show more growth, too. It may make it yet.......

And lastly, are our neighbors who are in veterinary school. Bridgett and Tracy were kind enough to come and trim Coppers nails. Both were surprised at how easy it was to work with Copper........she has been a "perfect patient" all of her life. :)

Although she does look like she is in pain during the trimming, I think it is more of a "if I don't open my eyes, this isn't really happening....."

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Maniphone said...

Tell Don I think the eye patch looks kinda sexy!