Monday, February 4, 2008

"Annual Boat Show..."

It seems I'm getting a little behind in my blogging........these photos were from the weekend before last!! As you can tell from my posting, it is either feast or famine. If I don't have photos, I rarely post. If I have photos, I get behind because of all the photos I want to post. :) Enough said, eh? :)

On our walk though the boat show, Captain Don Pato, checks out his seat of command........this one was completely closed in so could be taken out during colder or rough weather, or not.....depending on what the captain wanted. :)

On this one, he'd be open to the elements.......well....there was a awning or bimini, but not a fully enclosed area as on the first one.

This one is truly more our speed.....and speed it does have! It is a powered kayak, that could have speeds up to 28 mph!!!! could be paddled as with a conventional kayak. Pretty cool, eh? :)

We thought this pontoon boat would be the perfect one for the "Gregory Street Gang". That was our criteria when we looked at a boat......"how many of our neighbors could we fit?"

Of course, we did think that we'd lose a few to the slide after a few beers........maybe this IS the perfect neighborhood pontoon!!!! :)

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