Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Another Mixture of Topics......"

I had never used a "temple" while weaving. With this last piece on the loom (the table runner), I was having difficulty with the sides of the cloth drawing in. I'm not sure if it was the thinness of the warp threads or what, but I was going so very slowly, trying to keep the cloth from becoming too narrow and damaging the warp threads. I had heard of temples, so thought I would give one a try. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Not only did it keep the cloth stretched to the correct width, but allowed me to weave faster than I have ever woven before! My temple is of metal, but more commonly found, are wooden ones. Unfortunately, the fiber shop here in Madison, didn't have a temple this small, and I had to drive to the shop outside of East Bristol to get it. I'm VERY happy that I did. :)

Zack has been enjoying the company and conversation of "Squawky McCaw". At least he is one bird that I don't have to worry about leaving "droppings" behind....... :)

I knitted Charlie a pair of "wrist warmers". They are an easy knit, so after using Charlie as a "test subject".....I knitted Becky (Sean's girlfriend), and Julie (Patrick's girlfriend), each a pair also....using their favorite colors, green for Becky and blue for Julie. They went in the mail yesterday. I am also completing a pair for Lisetta (in black), my co-worker prior to retirement. Hers will be mailed today.

A couple of photos post ice and snow storm......

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