Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Zack's Deck Debut"

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, so we felt it was time for Zack to venture out onto the deck. This was his first time this year. We had bought a new play stand specifically for this reason and had gotten him used to it by having it available for him to climb on from his main cage. That proved to work and he did so well until he decided to use the open door of his cage to climb up to the top of his big cage. We will not be having that happen again, because he doesn't want to come down, and he gets a little too big for his britches, so to speak, when up there. :)
He did very well, eating, drinking and playing with his toys, until Don came out the front door carrying Zack's old outdoor perch, which Mary, another neighbor, is going to borrow to see if her bird will like using it. Why the appearance of the perch (or Don) startled him, we have no clue, but he took flight, gliding from the top of the deck, down to the edge of the driveway, slightly into the street. This scared the begeezers out of Don, so Zack will soon be getting another visit from the vet to have his wings clipped again. They had been clipped during his annual checkup, but the vet had said then, he was in the middle of a molt, and would possibly need to be clipped again in a few months. Turns out....she was correct. :) Talk about adding confidence in our vet! :)

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Angela said...

Fantastic picture of Zack