Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Fruits of our yard"

This spring promises to be a good one for the fruit producing plants/trees. Although hard to see in this photo, there are 3 dwarf blueberry bushes that I planted last fall. Each one made it through the winter, leafing out nicely with a few blossoms on each plant. A little side dressing of organic fertilizer and they will be set for the season. I do want to plant a few high bush blueberries this season, too. I want to experiment in our almost totally shaded backyard and plant a few to see if they will grow and produce back there. In the wild, blueberries grow in the woods, so I hope they might in our shady backyard, too.
I planted our dwarf peach tree 3 years ago and it has a few blossoms this year. Hopefully, the blossoms were pollinated and we will have a couple of peaches from the tree this year.The strawberries are loaded with blossoms again this year. It looks like it will be another good year for having fresh strawberries on a daily basis. :)
This is my new cherry tree. I planted it last fall and it made it through the winter with flying colors. There weren't any blossoms this year (luckily I didn't expect to see any). I'm not sure how many years it takes before it will begin to bear fruit, but I think it may be sooner than the larger fruits, like the peach.
This photo was taken 2 weeks ago and now the raspberries (red) completely fill the space. This will be their 3rd year of producing fruit, and promises to be a bountiful one. We also have a seedless green grape but I didn't take a photo of it when I took these, since it hadn't started to leaf out yet. It, too, is doing very well this year. Hopefully, this will be the year we see grapes. It was planted 3 years ago as well.

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