Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Deck Progress

The deck continues to be the daily subject matter. We are so happy with each days accomplishments. I think that there is a good chance that they will be completed tomorrow. I head for Michigan on Friday, so I hope they are. :) Unfortunately, I will miss the first official "Happy Hour" on the new deck........unless, of course, it rains!!!! If it doesn't rain and there is a "gathering", I'll just call it "unofficial" because I wasn't there. :)

We are also having a flagstone pathway laid from the rain garden steps, out to the greenhouse and chicken coop. The flagstones were delivered yesterday and work begins on the project today. Hopefully, it too, will be completed tomorrow.

My trip to Michigan is to help my sister, Sandy, take our Mom the the Blossom Festival Parade, an annual event, that to my knowledge, our Mom has only missed once in her 85 years. She has always loved it and looked forward to it. Hopefully, she will remember this and will cooperate when we pick her up from the nursing home. :) I will be staying a little longer than I had originally planned, so that my sister can go up north (in Michigan) to visit my sons, Patrick and Sean, a day earlier. They have kayaking planned and who knows what else. :) I hope the weather cooperates then, too.

Here is another view of the deck. My plan is to plant some Azaleas or Rhododendrons in front of the deck on the street side. The cement bench will be moved to the backyard and the mulched bed of flowers will be extended to underneath the deck, and possibly along the lot line (Rob's side of our house), to the "step down" from the deck leading to the side and backyard. Those decisions will be made after we see what it all looks like when the deck is completed.

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