Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don's "Tadpole"!!!

We went on Monday to pick up Don's new trike that he'd ordered a few weeks ago. He'd ridden my trike and liked the feeling of sitting "in a recliner" while riding, so researched trike recumbents online, and decided on Sun's "Tadpole", the same manufacturer of my EZ3 recumbent. His wheel configuration is different with the 2 in front, sits lower to the ground, and has 24 gears, but the trike has the same seat as mine.

Rob was outside when he got home with it and took it for a spin. With the 2 wheels in the front, it does not have the tight turning radius that mine does. It is a much faster trike than mine, but then any trike would be faster than mine with me pedaling. :)

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