Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Franklin, Mariana, and David"

We had a surprise visit from Franklin, his wife Mariana, and their new baby son, David. Franklin works for Rob, our neighbor, so that is how we came to know them. They are wonderful people. Mariana looks great! You would never know that David was only born a few weeks ago.Here is a closer look at David, who basically slept through his entire visit, opening his eyes occasionally and then drifting back to sleep immediately. I LOVE babies! :) We've not had any newborns in the neighborhood since Simon, Jonathan and Maniphone's first son, was born. They then had the audacity to move to North Dakota not too long afterwards, and then produced another son that we get to see too infrequently! :) Thankfully, they have purchased a vacation condo here in Madison and we'll be able to see them more often. Yea!

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