Saturday, May 12, 2007

Back from Michigan!

I had a nice week visit in Michigan, staying at my parents (my sister lives next door). I took my new trike so that my sister could try it out. As you can see from the photo, she wasn't the only one who took a spin on it. :) Dad used to be an avid cyclist but had to give it up a few years ago due to health problems. He told me on this visit that bicycling was one of the things he misses most of the things he used to do. Surprisingly, even with his breathing problems, he was able to do very well on it. My sister liked riding it as well, but she had problems bending her knees enough to be able to ride easily. We had hopes that the recumbent would be the answer for her being able to ride again.

My sister had a stray cat that she has been feeding for awhile now. She had noticed that the cat seemed to be getting very "fat" and planned on taking her in to be "fixed" so that she wouldn't have kittens, but that time just hadn't happened yet. Since I was visiting and could help her out by taking the cat in for her (although, I told her she should just let her have them), she made arrangements for me to take the cat in on Monday morning. After catching the cat and putting her in the cage Sunday night, she hesitated, remembering that the night before the cat had come from the same place in her horse barn that she had come from this night. Sandy got a flash light, went to look, and found 3 kittens. We aren't sure how old they are, but seem fairly large so they possibly could have been born sometime earlier in the week. While talking about the new kittens with some of her customers on her vending route, she may have places for 2 of them already. :)

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Angela said...

Welcome back! Your blog looks great - Congrats!