Thursday, May 24, 2007

"The Yard and Greenhouse"

I have been busy in the greenhouse this week, potting up plants for the deck and for around the yard, in general. I had to buy all of my plants again this year because the ones I had sown in the greenhouse are not large enough to be used this spring....maybe this fall though! :) The weather was too cold for them to germinate (even in the greenhouse), although they are now growing strongly.

Most of the vegetables I plan on having are in pots, as they were last year, but I also plan on trying some pole green beans against the side of the house, and actually planting them in the ground (what a novel idea!). :) I do have some Sugar Snap Peas I could try as well, but I started a batch of those in a pot early in the greenhouse and they are doing excellent. So excellent, in fact, that I noticed blossoms on them this morning. I moved them outside last week, along with the lettuce that I had started in 2 pots, and I soon will be picking both for eating.

The strawberries plants are loaded with berries and they continue to have blossoms, so we will have many strawberry desserts soon. :) The raspberry plants, this spring, seem to have the best growth ever! They have filled out and are taking up the entire space given over to them, plus a bit more. :) I think that I will move a few of the runner plants, and replant them to extent their bed.

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charlie said...

Your sweet peas are looking especially awesome!