Friday, May 4, 2007

More Deck and Flagstones

Tom, the deck builder, had to leave early yesterday, otherwise the deck would have been completed. It is close enough that one could say it is, but he has a few trim pieces, some top railing, and a couple of other little things to finish.

We are soooo happy with the results! Neil, the "Main Man", brought us the design that we had talked to him about, but had also brought this design, too. After seeing this one, we went with it, since it was so much more/better than what we had envisioned.

The flagstone path was completed as planned yesterday, too. Here are Nancy and Nick working on it, almost having it completed when this photo was taken. They seeded grass around the stones and scattered straw on the area, too. A very complete and well done job! They both seem to enjoy their jobs.....Eric and John have done well in hiring them. :)

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Barbara said...

Hi Michael, love the new blog! Can I share it with Geoff? The deck is fabulous! Will you be partying tonight? Maybe Koshi and I will wander by...