Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trike ride"

Neil, who designed the deck, stopped by yesterday to take care of a few things that he had seen when he was last here. Talk about being thorough! We didn't even know they needed taken care of! We invited he and his wife, Nancy, to a Friday night "Happy Hour", so hope they will show up and enjoy their work with us. :)

Don and I went for another "trike ride" yesterday afternoon, but this time headed towards Monona Terrace and downtown Madison, coming back through Union Terrace and using the bike path along Lake Mendota. The trikes did as well on the packed earthen path as they do on asphalt. I am happy to say that the only time I had to get off and walk my trike up a hill was when we started out. The angle off of our street into the park to get onto the bike path is too steep to do with the length of my trike. I tried, but the front end of my trike lifted up into the air.........if that is the only place I can't make it up the hill, then I think I am doing pretty good. :)

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Angela said...

Glad you are loving your trikes