Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"An Overnight Visitor......."

Earlier this month, Don noticed a little "commotion" over at Mary and Made's. Being the good neighbor, he went over to see what was causing it. ;) A baby squirrel had been following their dog, Cole, around the yard. Surprisingly, Cole put up with it and didn't try to hurt it. The baby squirrel fit right in amongst the cement birds, don't you think?

Somehow, Don with his magnetic personality, managed to lure the little guy away from their house over to our house. The fear of leaving him at Mary and Made's was that their cat would kill it when it got outside. Thankfully, the cat had not been allowed to come outside prior to their discovery of the squirrel. Here Rob is allowing him (for this post, I will be referring to the baby squirrel as male) to climb on his arm.

He was a curious little guy.......I mean the squirrel! ;)

Resident veterinarians Tracie and Bridget were called over for their professional advice.

Sanjaya, Mary, and Jahan came over to see how the little guy was settling in.

He tried unsuccessfully to get past the elastic on my sweats. We all agreed that he wanted to "nest", so Don went to find a box that he could fill with some pine shavings, adding some dried fruit and nuts, too.

He was quite the little climber.....all the while trying to find a spot to go "inside"...

Thus, my temporary attempt to cover him as in a nest, which did seem to appease the franticness of the search.

Once the towel and nest were brought, he settled in and slept through the night. I checked on him at 6AM the following morning and he was still inside the nest box. By 7AM, when I left for the weaving workshop, the nest was empty and the baby squirrel no where to be seen. Hopefully, it was a happy ending and it is now finishing by his being raised by adult squirrels. :)


Molly Bee said...

Awww! Aren't baby squirrels the cutest? We had several at the animal rehab place I worked at in Maine. I love their little paws.

Angela said...

I miss you guys...