Friday, June 3, 2011

"Memorial Day-Part 2"

Our 2nd activity of the day was a bike ride. We took our "usual" ride from our house, through Vilas Park, Olin Park, along John Nolen Drive to Monona Terrace, taking the bike elevator up to Martin Luther King, down State Street, across Union Terrace, along Lake Mendota, and then cutting back to the SW Bike Path and home again. I believe it was about 11 miles or so.

After getting off the bike elevator at Monona Terrace, we saw our 1st Madison B Station. Before reaching the station, we had seen someone riding one of the bikes, so when we realized the station was right at the corner of MLK Drive and Wilson, we had to check it out.

Unfortunately we didn't see anyone actually accessing a bike, but the directions seemed clear enough.

We also decided to stop and eat along our route at "The Coopers Tavern" , on Mifflin, across from the Capitol. They're seating area outside was perfect for us since we had our bikes.

While there, a couple of guys drove up and parked this little number, called an Amphicar (, across the street before coming over to The Coppers Tavern. Do you recognize this car from the 1960's? It is boat as well. :) As a teenager, I saw one actually drive down a boat launch ramp and into the St. Joseph River, in Benton Harbor, MI.

It was quite the hit with passers by....several people stopped and took photos of it.

Of course, Don was no exception....after all, I "always" need blog material. ;)

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