Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Another Trip "Up North".........."

Once again, Sheila and I, drove to outside of Jim Falls, WI, and brought home little Sage, to be known from now as "Eleanor" (unless there was a change in names last night). A little reasoning behind her new name. Penny and Sheila's other little mini dachshund's name is they have Eleanor, as in Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. ;)

Here are Eleanor (Ellie, Ella, El) in our sun room, being introduced to Don. We arrived back at our house just after he got home from work. Truthfully, Eleanor looks MUCH bigger on Sheila's shoulder than she actually is........I think you'll agree when you see the next photo.

Copper and Eleanor getting acquainted in our backyard. As you can see, she is quite tiny. On our way up to Jim Falls, Sheila and I were talking about how we remembered Eleanor being about as big as Frankie already....not so when we had them together. She has a little growing to do before she catches up to Frankie.

Don getting down a little closer to her level.

She truly is a nice little puppy......very sweet and affectionate. Once down and not being held, she definitely is a puppy with all the little antics puppies display. ;)

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Molly Bee said...

Too cute for words! I loves me some baby pups! Welcome Ellie!