Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Memorial Day- Part 1"

Memorial Day was a gorgeous day! Don and I decided to take the boats out again, with this being the maiden voyage of my new Native Ultimate 14.5. As expected, it worked very well, especially given the windy conditions on Lake Wingra.

I am one happy paddler! I did become "aware" of a few new muscle areas the next day, too.......that's because I am in such "tip top" shape. ;)

Don had a good time with his kayak, too. At one point when he went over to help a couple of boys who'd tipped over in their kayak, he got more than he'd bargained for......they'd gotten back in their kayak by the time he reached them, but did retrieve their paddle, then offered them his bilge pump to get the water out of their boat. One of them proceeded to pump out water from their kayak.....DIRECTLY AT HIM! No, not by accident......the kid thought he was being funny. Hmmmmm......neither of us thought it this a sign of age? ;)

A few more minutes out paddling and he headed for the dock.

After watching the "Quiet Waters" DVD on beginning kayaking, which former neighbor, Darren Bush, owner of Rutabaga's, is in, Don exited his kayak perfectly, using his paddle for stability.....and once again, I mention the windy conditions, because that means it was no small feat!

A great day with many more to look forward to.

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