Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"June 17th Happy Hour......"

We were joined at happy hour by Joyce, whom I met when I attended the weaving workshop in early May. When I handed Joyce Don's and my card (she and I are hoping to take a double weaving class with Juanita, the owner of the studio which hosted the workshop), she immediately recognized Don from St. Mary's Hospital. She, too, works there and has seen him many times in the cafeteria. Small world, eh? Here is Joyce taking a test ride on Don's recumbent trike........

While her partner, Sandy, takes a test ride on his 2 wheel recumbent. Both took to the recumbents like ducks to water.........

Not to be left out, I brought out my Trek Electric Assist bike, too. Here is Joyce coming back from her ride......riding up Glenwood St.!!!! (Glenwood St., for those of you who do not know it, it EXTREMELY steep) She, of course, did not have any trouble......the "assist" was VERY helpful. ;)

Back up on the deck were Ben, Daria, with daughter, Tala.

Rob, Seth, Angela, holding Becca, Andy, and Benjamin held down the fort, too, while we were in the street. ;)

Joe, who has just retired from UW's Theatre Department, joined us for the 1st time this season. Jessica also joined us for the 1st time "ever". She is a co-worker of Don's.

Another co-worker of Don, Chuck, also joined us for the evening.

Sandy, Keyena, and Joyce settled in for a nice chat, too.

Happy hour was a very nice time last week. Hopefully, we will be joined by another group of cheerful, sociable people this week......weather permitting. ;)

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