Friday, June 24, 2011

"Yesterday's Adventure......."

Early yesterday morning, friend Sheila (makes her sound Quaker, eh?) picked me up and we drove north, 3 1/2 hours, to visit a mini dachshund breeder who has several puppies available.

A little background history here.......our friends Penny and Sheila had to have their oldest mini dachshund, Tika, put to sleep early Saturday morning. I mean early as in 2:30 AM! Poor Tika had several seizures and was not doing well at all, so they made the difficult decision. This left a HUGE hole in their hearts and room for another little one to be a companion and friend for their little guy, Frankie.

So, upon arriving at the breeder's house, we were greeted by several adult mini dachshunds, running to the car as we got out. A little barking, but truly not much, which is a good sign. ;) All were beautiful AND friendly, too, as we found when we were out of the car and bending to pet them all at once. Thank goodness there were 2 of us! ;)

The breeder has 6 puppies available.....3 that are old enough to leave their mothers now, and 3 that will be available July 8th.

This little guy is one of the young ones and can't leave until July 8th. He is a cute little one with a smooth brindle coat.

A brother, who will have a longer coat....sweet as can be, too.

Their sister is a cutey, too! She, too, will have a smooth coat.

Moving outside, we went to a small puppy playpen that held 5 puppies. The 2 smallest ones are already spoken for, which left the larger ones available and ready for adoption.

The reddish brown one is a female named Ginger, and the blonde, a little guy named Lemon. According to Sheila, both are unusual in coloring.

Here is Sheila holding a little female named Sage. She is adorable and as nice as could be, too.

Might she "be the one"? Seems she is definitely putting her best effort into bonding, eh? ;)

I would find it very hard to make a decision about who I would like to bring home. All of them were sweet and friendly, and I'm sure would be wonderful companions......


Claire said...

I want all of them!!! :-)

Molly Bee said...

So which one did she pick? Please tell me it was Sage!!!