Monday, June 13, 2011

"Pipe and Drum Concert....."

Don was at "Bagpipe Camp" all of last week. The camp is held at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy, in Delafield, WI. On Thursday night of the week long camp, the instructors (the professionals), traditionally give a concert, which is open to the public. Our friend, Penny, drove over with me to attend it. Sheila, poor girl, was not feeling well (too much "end of school" pressure, etc.), so did not come with us.

Here are Penny and Don outside of the chapel where the concert was to be held. An interesting little fact, to Don and me at least, is that Penny had worked at the academy as a teenager when her mother was Alumni Hostess. Her mother lived and worked there for ten years, and after passing, her ashes were interred in a beautiful little courtyard next to the chapel.

Inside the chapel......

The large stained glass window above where we were seated.

Don explaining something about bagpipes to Penny. My thanks to Don for altering this photo, which was originally VERY dark (taken without a flash).

This too, was a very dark photo (thanks again to Don for the great alteration). The piper is one of the instructors and is very well known in the bagpiping world, having competed, and won, in several important competitions.

Penny and I had a very pleasant time that evening. Having the time to chat while driving to and from the concert was a very pleasant addition to the wonderful concert.

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