Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Weaving Workshop.......Twills!"

A few weeks ago, I attended a twill weaving workshop, with Jason Collingwood (from the UK) as the instructor. It was held in Shoppiere, WI, at Vavning Weaving Studio. This is the class photo for the 2011 workshop.

Vavning Weaving Studio is located in an older church. The lecture part of the class was held upstairs in the former sanctuary, while the weaving part of the workshop was held downstairs in the basement, which, in reality, is at ground level.

Here is Jason "lecturing"..........yep, that's me on the right. Karen, of "Karen in the Woods" blogging fame (http://kareninthewoods.com/default.aspx), allowed me to use some of her photos, for which I am very grateful.

A larger view of the sanctuary "in session". ;) The owner of the weaving studio, Juanita, is in the blue on the right. I'm planning on taking a "double weave" class with her sometime in the upcoming months.

Downstairs is where all of our looms were set up. Katie, closest to the camera, drove from Ohio to attend, with Juanita in front of her, working on a table loom.

Karen came around taking photos........

John, from up near LaCrosse, WI, and I, had our looms at the back of the class, which meant we were the last to set up.....all the women got to the studio earlier. ;)

John is weaving on a Kessenich, 8 shaft, table loom, with its optional loom stand. It is a very nice loom and I think if/when I buy a workshop loom for myself (I had borrowed our friend Barb's MacComber Ad-A-Harness, 4 shaft floor loom for the workshop), I will definitely consider the Kessenich.

Karen worked as Juanita's guest hostess, too, while still participating in the class. She referred to herself as "The Kitchen Wench".....her words, not mine!!!! ;)

This is the results of my 2 1/2 day workshop. I know it doesn't look like much for the amount of time invested, but I'm very pleased with the sampler.


Jenny Bellairs said...

Mike, I always heard that the troublemakers always sit at the back of the class!

Looks like you had a great class. I like your sampler.

Janice Zindel said...

Wonderful sampler, Michael! Jason is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and patient.