Friday, May 20, 2011

"Patrick and Abigail Return....."

Patrick and Abigail came back up to TC on Friday so that we could all go for a bike ride. This was actually the first day that we had decent riding weather that didn't have something else scheduled other than the bike ride. :)

This was taken at one of our stops along the way.....I believe it was so that I could raise my bike seat. Notice the "bubble wrap"? An Abigail favorite......

We also stopped at a park so that Abigail could get out of her bike seat and stretch her legs.

Don also enjoyed the playground area, too.

Moving from one activity to another......

Checking them all out for safety......

Patrick had to do a little more than help Abigail go down the was a participation activity. ;)

Don made his attempt, too, although the slide wasn't too slippery.

These chimes got a lot of attention from Abigail, too.

The time at the park also gave Patrick a chance to try out my electric assist bike.

Abigail back in her bike seat and ready for the last leg of our bike ride.

Back at the lake house.......

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Molly Bee said...

Absolutely love the pic of the two of you together!