Monday, May 2, 2011

"The Silver Lake House........"

Don and I rented a house on Silver Lake, which is just outside of Traverse City. We took a few photos of the inside so I could use them in a blog post. ;)

This was the living area. The views from almost every window in the house were terrific!

A view from inside the kitchen......notice the little island not far from the shore? There was a pair of Canadian Geese which had a nest on the island, so they were "out and about" on the water everyday for us to watch. We also had Loons and another pair of "unknown breed" ducks swimming and diving right outside our windows. Each day brought it's own ever changing entertainment........

Breakfast "in the works"!

The bedroom downstairs which Claire used. The little package that I had wrapped up for Claire (a small felted purse) matched the bedroom colors very closely.......and I didn't even try to do that!

This is the bedroom, also downstairs, that Sean used when he visited. I brought him a pair of hand dyed/hand cranked socks, and they "matched" his bedroom colors, too! (as seen on the bed)

The entire top floor was the master bedroom....a truly terrific space....and the VIEW!!!

Another view of the master bedroom......

On, I believe it was Tuesday, we woke up to driving rain from the east. Unfortunately, that caused some problems with many of the windows. Yes, they leaked, so we had numerous towels set out to catch drips on all 3 levels of the house. Don contacted the rental company to let them know, although there was nothing they could do about it, but he felt they should be aware of the problem. As nice as the house was, we now know that being so close to a busy road is something to make sure we avoid in the future, although we became "somewhat" used to the noise of passing vehicles. nice as all those windows were for the Don put it......"it's like living in a fishbowl". The window treatments could have been better for more and learn, eh? ;)

Overall though, we enjoyed the house very much!

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