Monday, May 9, 2011

Backing up a bit in time...................when we woke up Sunday morning, Easter, this was our view of the sunrise. I literally ran downstairs to get my camera and begin taking photos. This 1st one was taken from back in the kitchen area.

Obviously, this one was taken as I moved closer to the windows.......

And this one from right at the window. Thankfully, I was able to get the photo without any reflection of myself in the glass. ;)

I used the zoom in hopes that the Loons would be visible in the photo, which, happily, they are. :)

I took this one from right out our front door, while standing on the covered porch.

This was taken later in the day and sort of allows you to see the sandbar (from the left tip of the island) that extends under the water towards the shore.

Another zoom in so that the Swans would show up better........

This house had the most spectacular views......truly a treat for us to be on the lake.

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Maniphone said...

Awesome photos! You gotta hang some up :)