Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Patrick and Abigail Are the 1st to Arrive!"

The afternoon of Don's birthday, Patrick and Abigail were the 1st to arrive at the lake house. We'd left Claire up in Petoskey to spend the night with Sean, so they would soon arrive, too. Julie was working (in TC), so she would join us when through with work.

Abigail had just woken up from a nap and it was the first time seeing us since the previous October and December. Shyness was part of her "awakening" period. :) By the way, she is wearing a "hoodie" I knitted for her.

We sat and chatted a bit so that Abigail would get acclimated and get down from Dad's lap on her own.

Boy did she ever get acclimated! Soon she was on her way upstairs to see the master bedroom......

She checked out the view from each window, and made sure the bathroom and walk in closet met her high standards, too. ;)

Don did manage to get her to stand still for a second for this really nice photo of her......of course, I "may" be biased.

Then back down the stairs to the main floor and on to the lowest level.

Ending up outside and sitting looking out over the water. Patrick was quick to point out the geese and ducks, too. She finds everything interesting, but is able to occupy/entertain herself, as well. I find that to be a GREAT trait in a child/person. ;)

Once again, Don got another very nice photo of Abigail.

More from Don's birthday afternoon tomorrow.......


Barb said...

1) LOVE the hoodie. Where did you get the pattern? Is it cotton chenille? It looks really soft

2) The pictures of Abigail inches from the edge of the deck nearly made my heart stop! I may not survive grandmotherhood.

Barb said...

3) Yes, she is utterly adorable. :)