Saturday, May 14, 2011

"A Man and His Presents......"

I normally don't post on my blog during the weekend, but Blogger was having some issues the past few days, so I thought I would wait and post when all was working correctly again. This was intended to be posted yesterday.

As you may remember, I gave Don a kayak for his birthday, but since that was back in Madison, we certainly couldn't celebrate his birthday and not have any presents for him to open, now could we? ;)

Patrick, Julie, and Abigail gave him a bottle of Grand Traverse Vodka, which we both enjoy. Sean made him his special dinner and Claire gave him play tickets for an upcoming play here in Madison. Seems I made out quite well with his birthdays gifts, too, since they all allow me to enjoy them, as well. ;)

In this photo, he is opening up his new electronic bagpipe chanter. It is battery operated and he has the ability to use ear pieces so he alone can hear his playing, or it also has small speakers that he can turn on and others are allowed to hear the music as well. I think he looks suitably happy, don't you? :)

This shows what the chanter looks like.

The mini-speakers........

Abigail was infatuated with the bubble wrap that was used as packing for the chanter. Her Uncle Sean shows her how to "pop" them.

Don also received a new camera. One which he has been wanting for quite awhile.

We then, of course, let things go back to normal and let it be "all about Abigail" again. ;) I'd forgotten I had bought this little "Easter Bonnet" for her, having packed it away with Don's presents. So that was brought out and given to her.

Grandpa Don put it on his head and Abigail thought that was quite funny, but she thought it more important to show him how to pop the bubbles.......

We did get this great shot of her with the hat and her "surprise" expression. Ah......the fun we had.....and so many photos to embarrass her later when she is a teenager. ;)

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Barb said...

Is that the camera I think it is? Finally! Big congrats to Don on that.