Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Don's Birthday Kayak......."

We'd gone over to Rutabaga's a number of times to look at kayak's and canoes. It took me awhile to convince Don that a kayak would be a great birthday gift.....finally he agreed.

This was "pick up" day! We also had to have a new roof carrying system, too. Our Yakima system wasn't rated sturdy enough for both boats, so we had to switch over to a Thule system. This is a bracket that will fold down when not in use. We needed this sort of bracket so that the car can go into the garage.....our garage door opening has less clearance than the normal garage door.

Here is Don's new Wilderness Tsunami 120 kayak loaded and ready to go!

I'm helping Woody bring out the 12' Wenonah Solo canoe that I'd bought for myself so that I could accompany Don on the water......

Here are both boats loaded and firmly tied down. Woody was a great teacher as to how to secure the boats to the car and racks.

Boats home and in the driveway. They are now stored in the garage, so the car sits out, until we get an outside storage system set up.

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Molly Bee said...

Can't wait to hear about your first adventure on the lakes!