Thursday, May 5, 2011

"After Don's Birthday Dinner....."

After our celebration of Don's birthday at Stella's, we drove back to the lake house for dessert. A beautifully decorated chocolate cake with fudge frosting from Potter's Bakery in Traverse City, MI, which I had ordered several weeks ago and had picked up that morning. Here I am bringing it from the kitchen with its 2 lit candles.

One is never too old for "making a wish" by blowing out the candles on a birthday matter what those numbers are.

A close up of Don's birthday cake. Clever little "You've Got mail" computer cake decoration, don't you think? ;)

Sean's birthday card was a hit! It is hilarious!

Claire nailed Don's 60th birthday with a VERY appropriate card, too. They both did good. ;)

Sean thought that Abigail would look cute with a little blue frosting on the tip of her kind of "stained" her nose after being washed up though.....wonder what her daycare people thought the next morning? :)

Traverse City vacation to be continued.......

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