Monday, April 4, 2011

"A Wonderful Day!"

As some of you know (and thank you for the happy wishes!), I celebrated my 61st birthday yesterday, Sunday, April 3. It was a grand day! Don started off the celebration by taking me out for breakfast! And yes, the Bloody Mary was excellent! ;)
After the excellent breakfast at Bluephies on Monroe St. (just down the hill from our house), we went browsing at a few of our favorite stores, taking it easy and enjoying being out of the house. Our final stop was at Rutabaga's, looking at kayak's and canoe' never knows, eh? ;)

Coming home, I was treated to more good things.....mysterious unlabeled envelopes and wrapped presents!

One envelope contained the promise of my receiving Season 3 of True Blood (yes, I have already been gifted with Seasons 1 and 2, as well!). Envelope 2 contained the promised a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1)! And envelope 3 was a gift subscription to, for a years worth of book listening pleasure! Am I a fortunate guy or what?!!

And that was only the beginning! Next was a new Aero Garden! The new and improved Aero garden which allows taller growth! So we will now have 2 Aero gardens growing at once. One with shorter plants, like the basil I now have growing, or salad greens, and the taller one with tomatoes or pepper plants.

And speaking of those plantings.....several new sets of planting pods!

Last, but certainly not least, was this "Yarn Store in a Box". I have been ordering some of my weaving supplies from a company named Halcyon. This box has a card system of every yarn that they carry so that I can actually see and feel what the yarn is like prior to ordering. Don also included a gift certificate so that I could do some ordering, too. :) I tell you, I am a very lucky person to have a partner who encourages my fiber addiction. ;)

Topping off the day, after coming home from going out to dinner (Chinese, a favorite of mine!), Don brought out a carrot cake (my favorite!) with candles, while singing Happy Birthday.

A close up of the cake....

Blowing out the candles.....with a little help from Copper......

Enjoying the cake.....

As did Copper. Don had cut her a piece to join us in the celebration. She finished hers in record time and began looking at our plates longingly. :)

It was a wonderful day!

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MollyBeees said...

Happy Belated Birthday Friends! I was in Vegas last week and missed all of your exciting blog posts! Am envious of the sourdough bread, kayak and canoe! You guys will have so much fun!