Friday, April 22, 2011

"Final Post of Union South Open House....."

Here is the "Grand Ballroom", my words, not necessarily Union South's, but it truly is "grand". I overheard the leader of a guided tour tell his group that all the wooden flooring is recycled from "farmsteads"....his word, not mine, but I took it to mean barns. Wherever it came from, it is beautiful!

Outside the Grand Ballroom sits this gorgeous piano. Don couldn't resist sitting and playing the entire score of "Moonlight Sonata". He attracted quite a, I'm telling a tall tale.....he only sat down and "tickled the keys". ;)

One of the outside seating areas......

Looking down on the previous one from another.........

And this social space was around the corner from the last area, which is above the eating area/stage/dance floor, that I showed in an earlier post. Pretty nice, eh?

I'm sure we are not the only people who think this new Union is wonderful. I don't think I mentioned that Union South also has a hotel? If the rest of the building is considered beautiful, I'll bet the hotel rooms are as well.

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