Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don and I drove over to Traverse City, MI on Saturday. The plans had been made a long time ago to celebrate Don's 60th birthday in TC, as we did my 60th last April. It just happened to be Easter weekend again, as it was for my birthday celebration last year.

Easter Sunday was the day that my daughter, Claire, was flying in from DC to visit and celebrate his birthday, too. While we waited for her plane to arrive, we saw this little "Bag of Puppies", who screamed "buy us for Abigail!!!"........who were we to deny them a good home. ;)

Claire's arrival!

After picking up Claire, we headed back to the house we rented so she could get freshened up after her flight and before we left to drive up to Petoskey, MI, where we had dinner reservations at Sean's restaurant, Cava, in Bay Harbor.

"Fortunately and unfortunately", we were 1 of the 2 reservations the restaurant had for Easter dinner. The owner was going to close the restaurant until he saw Sean's last name on the reservation. Fortunately for us, he told Sean, of course they were to stay open. ;) Unfortunately, for them, it was not one of their best days for serving guests. Besides the other reservation, they did have a walk in, too.

We had our pick of tables.......we chose a nice sunny location with a wonderful view of the marina.

One of the perks of the restaurant not being busy, was that Sean was able to come sit and chat with us. :)

As did Jette, who hosted/bartended, and was also our server, plus a friend of Sean's, so she immediately became one of ours, too. ;)

As you can see, we weren't having a very good time. NOT!!!!! We had a fantastic time!

Tomorrow, I will post photos of our 6 course dinner that Sean did especially for us......get ready to salivate!!! ;)

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Molly Bee said...

I LOVE the last picture of you too! Happy belated Easter!