Monday, April 25, 2011

"Amaryllis and the Aero Gardens"

The final Amaryllis blossoms of the season. They are spectacular!

I have been harvesting Italian Basil for a few weeks now. It continues to send out new leaves for a constant supply of the fresh if we only had homegrown tomatoes to go with them. ;)

Speaking of tomatoes.....the 2 cherry tomato plants are growing nicely. The plants look nice and strong. These are our first plants to be grown in the new, taller Aero Garden. The plastic straps that you see hanging down in the photo are the "support straps" which will be attached to the central tomato stalk when the plants are taller.

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dariozanardelli said...

I confirm, it's truly Italian basil, it's like what I have in my garden ha ha! Great work!